Web Development

Web Development

AspironConcept Web Development

Apart from creating standard websites, AspironConcept has developed interactive websites with facilities involving technologies like SQL Server and PHP/MySQL. AspironConcept has a sound experience of planning and implementing web-development projects. Strategic planning and project management are some key elements in web development. Typical services offered by us for a portal includes a directory of websites, a facility to search for other sites, news, weather information, e-mail, stock quotes, phone and map information, and a community forum. Companies with websites having public facilities have attracted much stock market investor interest because portals are viewed as able to command large audiences and numbers of advertising viewers.

The vertical business segments that AspironConcept has focused on are eCommerce/Shopping carts, membership management, catalog management, CMS configurations and several portal scripts.

CMS Based Webs Sites:

Content management is needed for maintaining relevance as well as accuracy of every information you have added in the site. Be it a product description or just the price of a product, time to time update is necessary to guide your users in the best way. Content modification may be needed frequently and to ensure hassle free editing of content, it is necessary to have a CMS for your site. To help you edit the smallest word to a big piece of content without any kind of programming, our professionals have developed a user friendly content management system for clients. Our content management system is regularly updated with latest technologies to ensure every website using it does not experience any technical problem.

This is among the major factors, which makes our CMS better than others. Our Content Management System is loaded with features. Yet, the user interface has been kept simple so that one can understand the operations at ease. Even a layman, with skills of using some basic applications for processing word documents, can easily use our CMS for adding and editing content. If you face any kind of difficulty, you can send us your feedback or contact us for help. We will give prompt response to ensure you get the best help. Our CMS gets connected from any browser, so there is no need to take extra pain for searching browser compatibility.

Flexible Design
Many website owners have complained of design related problems from different content management systems. This is not the case with us. Our professionals have worked hard to ensure your site does not lack creativity. Each design template offered by us is effective and has rightly complimented every brand. We know that every business has some sort of uniqueness and we design templates as per client’s requirement. Browse through the designs we offer and select the one which you think is apt for your site.

CMS Features
 Standard Applications

  • Standard Applications
  • Inquiry or Contact Us
  • Products & News Static
  •  Newsletter Subscription
  • Events Calendar & Event Registration
  • Browse Folder/ Downloads
  • Case Tracking/ Submissions
  • Video Gallery, Image/Photo Gallery
  • Testimonials & Feedback
  • Download or Upload
  • Search
  • Frequently Asked Questions…………………………………
Layout And Design Flexibility

  • Bespoke layout
  • Unique designs
  • Creativity in branding
  • Usability and designs as per client requirement

SEO Friendly Features

  • Generating URL compatible with search engines
  • HTML codes with proper optimization
  • Images with description tag facility
  • Specific meta data for each page- description, title, and keyword
Editing Content

  • Endless Pages, Adding links
  • Linking Documents
  • Modifying Pages and Folders
  • Deleting Pages and Folders
  • Adding and Updating Boxes, Banners and other graphical images
  • Text Editor with features like Microsoft Word
  • Headers with Non-HTML font
  • Text on Banners
  • Easy to Use Navigation Bar includes images and Drop Down Menu